Knee Pain Relief

5 Best Women’s Running Shoes for Bad Knees

Ideally, running and workouts should be pain-free, even though mild aches that go away within a few days can occur normally depending on how regular your exercise schedule is. Nonetheless, some people tend to experience chronic pains at some point. This being the case, knee pain is one of the most common problems among athletes. It is often caused by constant motion, lack of proper stability or weak leg muscles. Bad knees can make your jogging sessions a living hell. They can even derail your course towards achieving your fitness goals or maintaining a healthy body weight.

But you don’t want to quit running, neither do you want to make your bad knees worse. You want to maintain proper heart health while keeping your body sexy and toned down. If for some reason you’re a bit plump, it can get stressful. This makes it important to take precautionary measure before starting your jogging routine or when you start experiencing knee pain. One of those measures is to look for the right running shoes to prevent or manage knee pain.

If this is you, don’t worry girl, this article is intended to help you out.

For starters, you’ll want to look for a running pair of shoes that offers adequate support and comfort in addition to sufficient breathability and elegance. And fortunately, there’s a wide variety of such on the market, you just need to know what to look for and where to look. You’ll also want to emphasize on choosing a proper fit for maximum comfort. In case you’re up for some suggestions, below are some of the best women’s running shoes for bad knees on the market.

  1. Asics Gel Venture 6

The Asics Gel Venture tops our list of the best running shoes for bad knees. These shoes are specifically designed to provide optimum stability, comfort, flexibility, and support. The shoe is fitted with rear gel cushioning that is excellent at absorbing shock to protect your bad knees. This gel cushioning prevents your legs from experiencing the full impact of the shock resulting from your feet hitting the pavement or running track. This extremely affordable running shoe also features a removable sock liner, durable outer material and a rubber sole for the best performance.

ASICS Women's Gel-Venture 6 Running-Shoes


  1. Mizuno Women’s Wave Rider 21

The first noticeable feature of this shoe is how light it is. The Wave Rider 21 has been designed in a way that it remains light as a feather while at the same time providing the needed stability and support. It is also well-cushioned to perfection and equipped with a soft sock liner to offer you the required support. Even though the shoe’s price is a bit on the higher side, there are multiple reasons you’ll find it worth every dime. Some of these include its sleek make, features that manage and prevent knee pain, and amazing durability.

Mizuno Women's Wave Rider 21 Running Shoe


  1. Women’s New Balance 1080v7

New Balance recently released Fresh Foam series, and 1080v7 is part of this series. This shoe was engineered to provide the best support and help in alleviating knee pain. It is built with the midsole made of fresh foam to provide adequate support and shock absorption. The upper part of the shoe is also designed to give a sock-like fit that ensures a comfortable running experience.

New Balance Women's Fresh Foam 1080v7 Running Shoe



  1. Women’s Saucony Cohesion 8

This list would be incomplete without the Saucony Cohesion 8 shoe. This shoe has some of the most impressive features in the market. It is a combination of functionality and great design. The shoe is super lightweight, well-cushioned, comfortable, and has a durable rubber sole. In addition to this affordable shoe for bad knees, it is designed to look and feel like a high-end sneaker.

Saucony Women's Cohesion 8 Running Shoe


  1. Women’s Puma Faas 600 V3

This women’s running shoe model is fairly new to the market. Nonetheless, it manages to perform while at the same time relieving any knee pain. The shoe is cushioned with FaasFoam that gives adequate support and stability. The rear of the shoe is designed in a way that it is snug on the heel for optimal comfort. Also, its sole has a firm grip for more support. Needless to mention, it comes from one of the most popular brands of sporting gear and equipment.

PUMA Faas 600 v3 Women's Running Sneakers


In conclusion, selecting the right running shoe will help manage knee pain or prevent the same. Choosing one of the above well-researched women’s running shoes can be a great way to protect yourself from the debilitating agony that comes with knee pain from running. This way, you still be on track with your fitness goals despite the threats bad knees pose.

Knee Pain Relief

Best Shoes For Knee Pain Relief

Knee pain can be caused by various factors. Some of these may include physical injury and diseases such as arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, gout, and Patellofemoral pain syndrome (PFPS), just to name a few. More often than not, wearing the wrong type of shoes can make knee pain worse. This is because your shoes affect the dynamics involved when walking. They affect your motion and the pressure the kneecap joint is subjected to when moving or standing up. Nonetheless, shoes vary in design, the cushioning, heel size, and material, all of which are factors affecting the level of support a pair of shoe offers.

But just like pregnant women are advised against wearing high heeled shoes, individuals suffering from knee pain also have their own specific footwear recommendations. If you suffer from pain in the knees, you ought to know what to wear and what not to wear. Sometimes just changing your shoe habits can be helpful in providing you with relief from knee pain, gradually in most cases. This having been said, here are some pointers on picking the best shoes for knee pain relief.

Understanding Knee Pain

Even though some causes such as arthritis are age-linked, knee pain mostly has nothing to do with age or the fact that you’re an athlete. Some of its most common symptoms include inflammation, knee joint stiffness, and the inability to put weight on the leg. Even though some may have been mentioned earlier above, it doesn’t hurt much to let them sink in a tad bit. Knee pain can be caused by a ruptured tendon, a worn out cartilage or a simple dislocation injury. These are some of the most common causes of the condition.

Understanding Knee Pain

However, there are also chronic health conditions that cause knee pain. Some of these include conditions such as Osteoarthritis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, and Post Traumatic Arthritis. And the pain can make it difficult for you to move or move using your feet, that’s almost a fact. For those who can move, they need to do so in comfortable shoes that won’t end up worsening the condition.

Why Do You Need Special Shoes for Knee Pain Relief?

As earlier pointed out, footwear has a lot of impact on the knees in terms of comfort and support. When experiencing pain in the knees, your best bet is to go for special footwear that puts less stress on the knee joint. For instance, high heeled shoes and stilettos tend to exert pressure on the patellofemoral component of the knee and the medial compartment. This means wearing high heels for long may adversely affect the knees as well as the functioning of other joints such as the hip joint.

Simply put, you need a special kind of shoes that will help you walk comfortably without feeling as if your knees are on fire. As a matter of fact, people with knee pain are encouraged to attempt increasing mobility, even though this may depend on the severity of the issue. But then again, what are the best shoes for knee pain relief? Is there anything like that even. This brings us to the next important points on what to look for in a good pair of shoe that will relieve symptoms in a patient suffering from knee pain.

Key Things to Look For When Finding the Best Shoes for Knee Pain

Below are the essential factors you’ll want to consider when shopping for a shoe to be worn by a knee pain sufferer.

  • Comfortable Cushioning: It’s important to choose shoes that are well cushioned with a comfortable insole. Proper cushioning absorbs the shock from your weight when and when not in motion, which has a protective effect on the kneecap joints.
  • Firm MidSoles: Consider shoes with a firm midsole. This will help to reduce overpronation, which is something that occurs when the knee and the lower leg rotate inward as the foot lands on the ground. If you have to wear low heels or flat shoes, consider going for a pair with rubber soles, which is also more comforting and.
  • Appropriate Heel Size and Support: When you have knee pain, high-heeled shoes are one thing to absolutely stay away from. Even though you may consider them safe, pointed shoes have also been linked with the risk of causing deformities such as hammertoe. This is among the common complication of rheumatoid arthritis patients. Some of the best shoes come with a reinforced heel cushioning, especially at the innersole to boost heel support.

Notable Shoe Brands Good with Knee Pain

Of course, you will also want to consider things such as style, color, brand, and price. Having knee pain doesn’t mean that you have to look lame or break the bank trying to look superb when it comes to footwear. According to George Krucik, MD, for Healthline, some of the best shoes for knee pain in terms of the brand include the following [4]:

  • Nike Air
  • Puma
  • Clarks
  • Merrell
  • Gravity Defyer
  • Skechers
  • Asics Gel
  • Brooks
  • New Balance

In summary, you definitely need to ensure you have the most suitable shoes for the condition when suffering from knee pain. If the knee joint is subjected to any kind of pressure and stress, you may find yourself facing consequences you’d rather not. Be keen on the shoe choices you make and you might be a step away from leading a life as normal as any other person despite your knee pain.

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